A Humble Request From One Writer To Another To Perhaps

lovely idea, alto. (And thanks for recommending my story!) Looking forward to diving into this thread for my reading list.

I’ll give a self-shout-out to my first piece published in C(G):

I’m proud of it because it’s not at all in my typical style. In forming and finishing it, as a sort of poem, I felt stretched, excited, uncomfortable. I discovered new corners of my experience and expression. I’m very lucky that a publication and readership like CROSSING GENRES appreciated it.

Now, a shout-out to jo livingstone.

A delightful, echoing narrative reflection on being a teacher/student, student/teacher. Thanks jo.

And one more shout-out, to Davy Carren, for this galloping interior semi-rant short story. It’s got a kick.

Thanks @alto.