Once Upon a Pancake: a book of stories I didn’t finish (on purpose).

I created this book and I hope your like it.

There are over 100 short stories inside that need your help. You just pick up a pen and add a bit — a few words or a few lines, whatever your imagination desires—and then the next person adds a bit, joining the dots and riffing, and so the story grows. Kinda like a creative version of a b&b guest book.

For example:

Pre-orders will be available soon via Kickstarter, but that’s not why I’m posting here. I’d love to know from you, fiction readers, writers and lovers, what you like most about the book. How can I improve it? What sort of stories would you expect to find inside? How should I cull my draft manuscript from 217 stories (srsly) to ~100?

I’m all ears.

With love, Rick.