How will true patriots inspire positive emotions and motives to increase voter turnout?

How can true patriots defeat fake patriots? Share/sign petition to address three questions about patriotism.

Evocative questions to challenge political mindsets

Chris Cuomo’s argued on Prime Time that “Trump lies because it works.”

Not so simple! We must ask deeper questions to understand why the media enables his lies to work.

When will the media stop:

  • Wasting our time and attention “rubber necking” on the spectacles of fake news and fake patriotism?
  • Stop feeding the beast of fake news and fake patriotism?

When fake patriots go low with perpetual lies, why do we let our better angles be pulled down into the gutter of rebuking every obvious lie with incredulity?

When will the media:

  • Shift our political narratives from refuting the lies of fake patriotism to seeking the truth about true patriotism?
  • Un-spotlight fake patriots and proactively create a story movement about true patriots?

Why have we, the people and the media, failed to:

  • Create new social norms that hold fake patriots accountable to the truth?
  • Reverse the downward spiral into the abyss of fake patriotism?
  • Ascend on the upward spiral toward the pinnacle of true patriotism?

The USA is engaged in an uncivil war between fear-based fake patriotism and courageous true patriotism. Fake patriotism is the amoral arc for injustice. True patriotism is the moral arc for justice.

The midterm elections are an external manifestation of the battle of the brain. It is a war between the fear of reptilian brain colluding with the emotions of the limbic brains against the courage, the reasoning and the rational thinking of the neocortex.

Trump is an emotional savant to the reptilian and limbic brains; a marketing genius of mind manipulation who uses animus to destroy our better angels.

Can we, the people, encourage the media to:

  • Host town forums and media events to debate the differences between fake and true patriotism?
  • Educate people about #FakePatriotPersonalityDisorder (#FPPD)?
  • Shift the political narrative to inspire the positive emotions and motives of true patriotism?

As digital citizens, we can use social media to mobilize journalists and mainstream media (MSM) to cover midterm election events that invite politicians and political candidates to read the definitions of fake patriotism so that they can prepare their responses to these three questions.

  1. What’s your credo for true patriotism?
  2. How do you live up to your credo of true patriotism?
  3. How can we #LiberateUSAfromFakePatriotism?

What if every political candidate wrote a credo of true patriotism for public debate?

This is the question for the mid-term elections. How can true patriots inspire the positive emotions and motives to increase voter turnout and overcome the animus of fake patriotism?

Share and sign petition to address these questions

  • How can we #DetoxUSAfromFakeNewsAddictions and hold #FakePatriots accountable to truth?
  • How can we assure that true patriotism prevails over fake patriotism?