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Ms. Quinlan,

I agree with you about these women deserving credit, much respect, andd our support. They have been doing an awesome job for their constituents and for all the People of America all along. They have been doing ao in the face of great animosity and with immense courage.

However, I do not believe that they are being ignored in the media. I have seen numerous articles about them standing up for their beliefs and the American People against Trump and the GOP, particularly the evil Six. It has been because of their efforts up to this point that votes have needed tiebreaker vote.

This brings me to the fervour over McCain’s vote. While these great ladies of the Republic have acted in the best interests of the People all along, it was vote that decided the issue instead of sending it to the tiebreaker vote. He surprised everybody by acting in a manner that actually supported the words and intent of his speech. That surprise and decision-making power of his vote is the reason everyone is talking about him and his vote.

Ultimately, for me from this point on, it is an issue of faith. I have complete faith that these fine ladies will continue their efforts to work for the best interests and the protection of the People of our fine Republic. Thus, while they have my respect and support, my mind is focused on areas of doubt and concern. Namely, will McCain continue to put actions to his own words, or will he backslide into partisanism and self-interest.

Thank you for a great article, as well as speaking up for these great ladies.

Rick Combs

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