Yes, YOU are a leader

You’ve heard the saying: Some people make things happen, some watch them happen and some wonder “What happened?”

Which one is you? You’re the entrepreneur; you take initiative, you make decisions, you don’t wait for others, you make things happen.

What is leadership? It’s when you take initiative, when you take the lead. Not all leaders attract followers. It’s often a lonely path. As an entrepreneur, you know that.

In Moky Makura’s book, South Africa’s Greatest Entrepreneurs, both Jenna Clifford and Eric Ellerine note that leaders lead by example. Ndaba Ntsele goes further, insisting that “For a business to grow, it needs a fearless, innovative and confident leader.”

Circumstances and conditions

Famous South African entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Herman Mashaba endured significant challenges, faced those challenges and turned them to their advantage.

Whether you had a privileged upbringing including good schooling and exposure to business people or you walked barefoot a great distance from home to school and your mom worked two jobs to buy you books, you have experiences that you can use to shape you as an entrepreneur.

The fact that you are taking advantage of your life circumstances to make yourself a better person is what makes you a leader.

Choices and decisions

There are people who respond to situations by taking action. They may see a road accident and stop to help. In business, as in life, we are faced with situations that require us to make a choice: do I act or do I leave it for someone else? As an entrepreneur, you take calculated risks and you act, you go for it. It takes courage, but that is part of what defines you as a leader.


During the recent garbage collection strike, a couple of gardeners and handymen saw an opportunity to take residents garbage to the municipal dump. They charged a nominal fee per bag and used their car to shuttle the garbage to the tip. Those men are leaders, pioneers, seeing an opportunity in a situation, taking initiative, showing the way.

Whenever you make a decision — in business or in life — and act on it, you are being a leader. Others won’t necessarily follow, they may do nothing, wait for someone else to take the initiative. They create the space for you to take charge, they give you the opening to be an entrepreneur, a leader, to succeed in business — and in life.

So, as an entrepreneur, YOU are a leader. Act like one.

Rick Ed
Business advisor at DoBetter.Business

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