My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

  1. Thanks for a well-written ‘trip back to my youth.’
  2. Also-congrats on landing a decent position and resisting the urge to go to college. It is not for everyone. Many people your age are forcing their way through college with no direction and may not leave the nest until 30 years old.
  3. As well, I am glad your family taught you to drink responsibly (most of the time.)

And that IS the issue. So many, like mine did not. I learned fast, or binge drinking. We drank in cars, threw the bottles out and hit signs, threw up, got drunk driving and other tickets and caused chaos in our lives. Not all kids did, but we had a lot of friends. I made my first ID IN HS, and it worked a lot of the time. I borrowed my friend’s license and I still remember his SSN # 43 years later. I have had an up and down life, and now am incredibly grateful and blessed. Others in my class did not and died, after drinking.

I did not ‘deserve’ to drink at 15, 16, 17, when it was illegal, and you have not really convinced me that you do. I wish at this point that I had just obeyed the law, it would have been so much easier. In fact, we drove 30 minutes over a state line to drink ‘less’ illegally and then legally as the years were changed. We were in the middle of it all. So again, I appreciate your perspective.

Good luck, and by the way, you have this writing hobby, I see.

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