What Do I Use This For?

For what purpose do I use Medium?

Typically you don’t discover a tool and then seek a purpose for it; rather, you have a problem, and you seek a tool that will help you solve that problem.

In this case, perhaps I have a feeling that Medium might help me solve my current problems. At the very least, maybe I can enumerate them, to get them out of my head and onto the “page”.

It is, at least, a pretty page. I have read some posts on Medium, they always look very stylish with dynamic scrolling features and nice typeface.

Already though I am plagued by a bug in their editor, that ctrl-backspace doesn’t delete a word as I am accustomed. I have attempted it four times already. I hope it will be fixed soon.

I found the Medium style sheet which might help me to write my posts in the best manner possible. On the other hand, it doesn’t actually say much, though the rules about spelling out numbers are interesting. It reminds me that I haven’t memorized the rules to title case, but I don’t use it frequently enough to warrant that. Same as tying a tie; I wear them only on special occasions, so each time I find the YouTube video on how to make a half or full Windsor knot. Also probably worth committing to memory one day.

Here’s my first problem: I have lots of these types of things that I think I’ll do “someday”. Some todo apps even have a section for “someday” todos. When are you supposed to do them, if you admit that they are merely to be done someday? Is it worth even collecting them? Though I suppose if you don’t get them out of your head, they nag you at strange times.

Maybe the solution is a todo app that helps you make time for these things. I spend too much time on Reddit and Hacker News, time which I don’t feel is well used. Why couldn’t I knock out some of these “someday” items during that time? Or even normal everyday things that I don’t make enough time for, like exercise or cooking. Alas, I arrived here via Hacker News. I don’t watch TV, but those to me are what TV is to others.

I’ve tried ctrl-backspace probably five more times now. And look at me spelling out the word “five”. I suppose this is a pretty decent first post, maybe.

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