The Commonwealth Games: do we really need them? Their strength is as an alternative to the Olympic Games for those sports that don’t gain Olympic exposure and as a spotlight for those nations that have little chance of Olympic medals.

My personal interest in Commonwealth Games has been intermittent over…

Before the Australian women’s cricket team played their touring England counterparts in Brisbane in December 1934, the following directive appeared in the Courier Mail:

The word “test” must not be applied to any of these games, for both the Australian council and the English team refuse to associate with the games any suggestion of the grim trial of strength which the term applies. (from Courier-Mail, 28 Dec 1934)

No one in the press or elsewhere paid any attention to this instruction, and the first women’s Test match concluded at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground on…

Reflections on Australia Day in inner Sydney in 2007

Today, January 26, is Australia Day. But today in Sydney I saw two Australias marking the occasion.

At the top end of town, around Circular Quay, The Rocks, the Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, tens of thousands of people watched the ferrythons…

“Richie Benaud meant so much to so many people, and despite his extreme modesty you know he accepted the good humour of it all. And unlike many of his contemporary ex-player-turned-commentators, you could never accuse him of being a curmudgeon.”

Richie Benaud, 1930–2015: Cricketing legend, broadcasting giant, cultural icon

As the Australian summer of 2014–15 began, the nation mourned…

Rick Eyre

Rick lives in Sydney, Australia and tweets cricket at @rickeyrecricket other sport at @the_scoreline and allother matters at @rickeyre. Former Cricinfo alumnus.

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