Should the overspending Chinese club be banned?

In the past few years, Chinese football club started to spend billions of dollars on foreign and domestic players. To be honest, it really improve the quality of the leagues. However, Chinese national team’ s performance did not improve a lot. They only got 3 points from the first 5 games in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification in Asia. This result is unacceptable for the millions of football fans in China. They started to think about the problem that how does the improvement of the leagues can impact the performance of the national team.

Recently, the famous Brazilian player Oscar transfer to Shanghai SIPG club.Oscar’s move to Shanghai SIPG from Chelsea set a new Asian transfer record of €60 million. It is a huge number. And plenty of people thought it is ridiculous to spend such amount on him.

In order to control the overspending of the clubs, Association (CFA) threatened to expel those who overspend in the Chinese Super League (CSL) in a new 18-point directive. They believe it may create more chances for the domestic players.

Clubs have been warned they must be financially independent of their parent companies because the CFA seeks to reduce the large transfer fees and salaries being offered as Chinese teams engage in a race to overspend for purchasing the new players at the beginning of the season. The final goal for the CFA is to provide more chances for the domestic young players to improve the performance of the national team. #DrWeaver17

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