Why Elon Musk is Wrong about AI
Daniel Jeffries

A fine example of defending against serious challenges by flooding the space with easily countered minor arguments to act as distractions.

AI is a tool that produces efficiency; it conquers complexity; it never tires; it always does exactly what it is designed to do. Fine.

The author argues that AI won’t kill people. True, in the same sense that guns don’t kill people. It’s also true that people can use AI and guns to kill people (speaking metaphorically).

AI makes it possible for the Deep State to spy on the entire population in all our communications and private transaction. AI makes it possible for the monopolies that are the gatekeepers of the internet and the media to track every detail of our interactions; just as bad, to control through their filters exactly what gets screened out of what we see, right down to the individual level.

AI is essential to the driverless cars and trucks. Once those vehicles are connected to the internet, who exactly will be in control of our comings and goings? If you think you personally will still be in control, you should know that it will only be so with the acquiescence of those controlling the AI. And what is granted with permission can as easily be altered or withdrawn. Just a flip of the metaphoric switch.

AI will become indispensable to our personal health care. At that point, who exactly will be in control of our very bodies and our personal decisions? Think it will be you and your doctor? Perhaps, but only with the permission and only to the extent allowed by those in control of the AI.

I could go on, but my point should be clear by now. The integration of AI into, and the centralized connectivity of, all the elements that we as individuals rely totally upon for our lives, our liberties, our unalienable rights, will be in the total control of those who control those AI. And there is zero possibility that any oversight can effectively control what they do with it. Is anyone controlling Google or Facebook? Think about it.

This will produce the Sci-Fi Dystopia that this author ridicules as impossible. This author spends a lot of space arguing against the unlikely possibility that AI will become sentient and harmful, because he doesn’t want his readers to realize that the sentience and harm will come from those controlling the AI. We are putting the gun into the hands of people we should not and can not trust.

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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