Congressional Gridlock Predicted Trump’s Rise
Maxximilian Seijo

A totally biased analysis. Seijo doesn’t even mention the first two years of Obama’s reign, when the Republicans were utterly impotent, because of the massive Democrat majorities in both chambers, to even influence legislation in the direction the right half of the country would like. Democrats moved whatever they wanted through Congress for two years, with utter disregard for the Republicans.

Notice that Seijo doesn’t characterize that as “[Democrat] lawmakers were focused on one thing only, hindering [Republicans] and anything [they]stood for”. And for the next 4 years, Harry Reid had total control of the Senate, and used his power to refuse to bring to the floor of the Senate anything passed by the Republican majority House (hundreds of bills languished), and used his power to refuse to allow Senate Republicans to amend the bills that Senate Democrats brought to the floor. He even changed the Senate rules to get the Democrats’ agenda passed. And today he uses the filibuster to accomplish the same result. In other words, Reid single handedly disenfranchised the right half of the country.

So, for 7 years, Democrats have completely hindered any effective representation in government of the right half of the voters. And for those 7 years, Obama barely made a telephone call to the Republican leaders in Congress. And it was Obama’s veto of budget legislation, rather than to work with Republicans on a compromise, that shut down the government. But Seijo mentions none of that. Nope, Seijo wants his readers to believe that Democrats were the model of conciliation and cooperation and bipartisanship, and those dastardly Republicans were totally and willfully to blame for the gridlock.

Never trust a partisan ideologue of either Party to tell the whole truth.

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