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Aaaaand they’re off! 99.99% of people have the same gender as their DNA, but we need laws demolishing anything connected with gender for all those kids as they grow up, is that what “demolish gender stereotypes” means?

If you’ve raised kids, you know that gender reveals itself in the behaviors and proclivities of children. Is your plan to ban everything related to gender? If so, you’ll find there is nothing left. Or is it to force kids to include behaviors and activities and preferences from both genders, in spite of their own preferences? That’s a good way to raise schizophrenics.

And of course we can’t have any words that imply a gender. Nor anything resembling modesty, or separation of the sexes in changing or bathing. Nor allow men or women, who have accepted their gender, to be role models to children. Nope, no one can behave in any way as men or women if there might be a child watching, because that’s how the “oppressive power structure” does it’s dirty deeds.

Tell me, do you give any thought at all to what you say?

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