Actually, where I live space is available but the will is not.
Dorothy Q. Snyder

Actually, I am a man of science, and I go where the science and common sense leads me. And the idea that the climate will stop changing if only we stop burning fossil fuels is utter nonsense. Only politics is behind the idea that global temperatures would not be rising if humans were using only solar and wind energy. What, pray tell, made them rise (and fall) for the last million years?

Global temperatures rose less than 2 degrees F in the twentieth century, using the actual measurements of weather stations and satellites as reported by NASA in 1999. Not one reputable scientists can tell you what part of that was due to natural forces and what part due to manmade CO2. If any.

Every bit of energy we get from wind and solar has its own negative impact on the environment, and on our economy, and on the cost of energy and food in world. Which, in developing countries, can be lethal.

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