A Man Was Lynched Yesterday
Manny Brown

After that man was lynched, six million jews were gassed and cremated. Communism killed a hundred million. 17 million died in WWI and 50 million in WWII. Did you notice? Did you even care? Did any of them scream?

I’m not making light of the lynching of blacks, although I expect to get comments to that effect. Rather, I want to draw attention to the (concealed) purpose behind your appeal to outrage. You tag your piece “black lives matter” and “police brutality”. Clearly, you intend to elicit white guilt today for what was done by whites a century ago, and under the burden of that guilt, to silence criticism of the slanders against the police and criticisms of the tactics of BLM. The endgame is for whites to accept personal blame for all the conditions oppressing blacks today.

I’m not buying what you’re selling. When that man was lynched, my antecedents were still living in Europe or had just immigrated to Canada. The accident of my skin color does not make me guilty of what was done to that man lynched, nor guilty of any of those tens of millions of others killed during that same century.

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