The Half Liberal-Half Conservative Lie
Donald Earl Collins

All true, as far as it goes, but there is a reality not mentioned here.

Think of our society as a checkerboard of distinct groups. Of the many ways to define groups, to divide the pie, this article discusses Left/Right or Liberal/Conservative as its theme. Fine, that is legitimate and the author is correct regarding that view.

Now superimpose an additional grouping according to power held. We find that real power is held by elites in the media, in the federal agency bureaucracies, in powerful activist organizations like environmental extremists and pro-abortion groups, by billionaires, by globalists, on campuses, by social justice warriors, and so on.

Those locations of power are not at all center right; they are predominantly left to far left. By virtue of their control of that power, they are changing the very nature of our society. Try to explain otherwise how a center right society is finding itself discarding the very idea of gender and discarding any common idea of a normal family structure and undermining previously unalienable rights like free speech and free exercise of religion. The answer is that the powers that are undoing traditional American values are predominantly Far Left, and the rest of the country where the numerous center right live is without power to oppose those changes.

Yes, by sheer numbers Americans are predominantly Center Right. But by the impact on our society, the powers of change are predominantly Far Left. Is it any wonder the Center Right are angry?

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