Ignoring the GOP’s Base Constituency
Joe Shannahan

An across the board minimum wage of $15/hr is all compassion, no common sense. All good intentions, so nothing can go wrong, right? No one will pay a high school dropout, or even a new high school graduate, $30,000 per year for an entry level job; so youth unemployment will worsen. All those who have acquired the education, job skills, experience and seniority to rise to their $30,000 job will now see first timers walk in and get the same money. Think they’ll take that sitting down?

Many, maybe most, union contracts are pegged to the minimum wage. Doubling the minimum wage will wash up through the ranks of union employment, raising the wages of a lot of people already at high wages. That, of course, is why unions support $15/hr.

A lot of minimum wage workers are not breadwinners, are not raising a family solely on that income, are supplementing their family’s income. Any family whose sole income is a minimum wage job qualifies for and is surely getting assistance from the welfare safety net. If they suddenly are earning $30,000, that assistance goes away, and they are no better off.

Most low level jobs are in local small businesses, which operate on tight margins. Raising their payroll costs by that amount means layoffs, or in many cases, shutdowns. Kind of offsets the benefits, doesn’t it?

And all that extra cost, all that money, comes directly from the pockets of the customers of those employers. That’s you and me, bunky. Are you so well off that you don’t care if your family’s expenses go up? I’m not. My energy costs are rising because of the ridiculous, futile plans to control the climate; my health care costs have risen drastically because of Obamacare; the economy is limping under the burden of out-of-control regulatory agencies; food costs are way up because we put our corn and soy into our gas tanks; now this plan will raise the cost of everything.

That’s the trouble with these Progressive Utopian schemes; they don’t stop and think it through. No common sense.