True , I am making a guess.
A Ennis

Any of the dozens of things you warn about could happen. I would never try to argue they can’t. But we can’t know which if any those will be. There will be mistakes that you haven’t predicted, but also many good things that you haven’t made any attempt to predict. That is the nature of predicting the future of new administrations; it is so much colored by our own biases and experiences.

We knew of the limits of experience and character of President-elect Kennedy, but no one could predict he would humiliate America right off the bat at the Bay of Pigs. Nor that he would bring the world within a whisker of nuclear war over Cuba. But no one also predicted the astounding accomplishments of creating NASA and the Apollo Project. Kennedy did a lot of good things, like cut taxes and thereby increased tax revenue and a growing economy. He did ridiculous things, like unionizing government workers. Talk about a group that had no grievances whatever that justified unionization; that move was blatant party politics.

All presidents have accomplishments and mistakes in their legacies. Clinton set in motion, in 1993–1994, the laws and regulations that would lead fifteen years later to the mortgage crisis/financial meltdown/Great Recession. Not that any Democrat will acknowledge that, but the facts are the facts. However, no one could predict that in advance. No one could predict Lewinsky. No one could predict that “slick Willy” would work with Gingrich to balance the budget and boom the economy, either.

So when I encounter a listicle such as yours, I would never argue with any item specifically. Any single prediction might be on the money. But I know from experience that most of them as a whole will not happen. And other things will happen, good and bad.

I also recognize in your listicle that many of the prescriptions you present as what America needs or what the government needs to do are rooted in your experience and your compassion and generosity. Again, I would never argue with you about those. I would only say that there are limits to what can be done, there are tradeoffs that must be made, there are alternate ways of achieving goals, some better than others, some that create more problems than we had before.

Obama was known from the start to have zero experience at working with adversaries to get something done, and we have paid a price for that. Trump is a past master at working with adversaries to get something done. That alone is cause to hope for good things to come.

Let’s wait and see, shall we?

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