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Anyone who believe this bull hockey is an idiot. First off, these numbers are manipulated and massaged, a lot of the real measurements are replaced with computer generated numbers, all of which increase the apparent warming. Second, it’s scientific nonsense that the entire global can be reduced to a single temperature number for an entire year, accurate to a few hundredths of a degree. The uncertainty in the number is much larger than the differences being reported year-to-year.

Third and most telling, the increase from the late nineteenth century, even with all of the above, is about one degree centigrade. That is one degree over more than a century. It is inconsequential.

Fourth and the nail in the coffin of all this hysteria, scientists have to agree that much of that one degree rise in temperature is from all the natural forces that have always controlled the climate. The claim that the entire increase is due to manmade carbon dioxide and none due to natural forces is a scientific absurdity.

Fifth, just where are these “recent bouts of extreme weather” the author references. We have set records for fewest cat 3 and above tornadoes and hurricanes. Droughts, floods, wildfires, none of them are above normal; most are below normal. Heat waves have been trending downward for over a half century. Please explain how that can be if global warming is running out of control.

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