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As Secretary of State, Clinton read many, surely many hundreds, of documents containing secret and top secret information. That is a certainty. It is also a certainty that many of them were kept on the unsecured server in her basement, and that snippets of that secret information was included in her emails to people who had no clearance to see that kind of information.

That much can’t be disputed. The FBI has the evidence. SoS Clinton’s defense is that she could not know the information was sensitive, because no one had marked it as such.

Could there ever be a clearer admission of one’s own incompetence? She was the Secretary of State, she wishes to be President, and she admits that she can read top secret information, and if it isn’t marked secret, then she doesn’t know it is sensitive. She doesn’t know she can’t share it with ordinary citizens. She has to have a third party tell her what is and isn’t a state secret.

Yet Democrats don’t even give this a second thought.

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