The Great Divide
Mateja Klaric

Assuming you actually want your question answered, here’s mine.

The great middle, the blue collar and middle class whites, mostly Christians, center-right in politics, were used by the Left as the useful enemy. They became the oppressors the Left could point to when they riled up their victim-group base every election cycle.

Problem is, once you have trotted out the bogeymen time after time, labelled them racists, mysogynists, immigrant haters, homophobes, whatever slander would appeal to the audience of victims at the get-out-the-vote rally, you can’t very well after the election somehow work with those same people.

I mean, how can you tell your illegals that you are working with those “immigrant hating bastards” on reasonable immigration reform? How can you tell inner city blacks you are working with “contemptible racists” on solving inner city poverty? And should you try, then what would you tell them in a year or two, when you want their anger at those same people to drive their votes in the next election cycle?

Another problem is, after all the calumny and slurs and slanders time after time, how can you call the enemy up and say “let’s have lunch and work together on solutions”? When both of you know that you will take all the credit for any solutions, and they will again be the bogeyman anyway when the next election rolls around?

Surely you must have known that sooner or later, your targets, who aren’t actually violent haters, would get sick of being called such. And would get real tired of being rolled over by government.

The fact is, you people are screwing all the victim-groups in your base and those people you use as bogeymen, and only you elites keep getting fatter. The Trump voters (and Sanders supporters) have finally woken up to the scam. What you should worry about is when blacks and Hispanics and young people will wake up to your scam, which they inevitably will. Sooner or later, they will see that blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, blue collar and middle class people are ALL getting screwed; it’s only the politicians and lobbyists, the Wall Street thugs and corporate and bank executives, the wealthy, that are running off with the prize. You can only keep people at each others’ throats so long, before they realize that the elites are the real enemy.

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