Dave Pell

But the progressive movement is on the right side of history…”.

This one statement sums up the great danger of the Progressive movement. They not only don’t ever examine what they are doing or ask themselves Are these the best ways forward, is this policy doing more harm than good, is there anything at all that the other half of Americans believe that just might be worthy of even one second’s consideration; that thought never enters their minds. Never has to. The progressive movement is on the right side of history is all that needs to be said. Case closed.

As soon as a Progressive spots anything in society that is even a smidgeon less than the Utopia they carry in their heads as the goal, and which in a normal person would prompt the thought “what would be best policy to do about that”, the refrain But the progressive movement is on the right side of history shuts down their mind right then.

I mean, what’s the use of asking in 2009 if there were any better reforms of the health care system that might not actually make so many new problems and make old problems worse, when Progressives can just say We’re on the right side of history, so everything we want has to be the best by definition.

When someone asks, Sure, you want to make all 15 million illegals into citizens, but what is your plan for the next 15 million, and the 15 million after them? If you don’t end the illegal flow, then the illegal flow will never end, right? Doesn’t that make sense? How wonderful that Progressives never have to bother thinking about such things, because the progressive movement is on the right side of history. Case closed. Progressives want illegal migration, so therefore unlimited and unending illegal migration must be good, can’t ever do any harm. It’s a Progressive thing; you bigots wouldn’t understand.

Progressives reject morality as discrimination, as religion forcing itself on the libertines. Unrestricted abortion up to the moment before birth (and after birth, as State Senator Obama voted), uncoupling marriage from family and children, freeing marriage from the bounds of gender or number, making the very idea of gender meaningless, all this and more can not possibly do any harm. It must all be good, because it’s Progressive. What could possibly go wrong? No, ignore that question, no need to think about it, because the progressive movement is on the right side of history.

God, what a marvelous device. Shuts down all need to actually debate with the bigots, to defend Progressive policies or goals. It’s like magic. Just declare the magic incantation, as Pell does, and then go right on with your Progressive plans. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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