Common Sense on Collusion

The topic of campaign collusion with foreign governments, chiefly Russia, is the hottest topic in the media. Little is known for certain, but simple common sense can sort things out. For simplicity, we’ll accept the current Democrat definition of collusion to include any meeting with agents of a foreign government with a desire to receive embarrassing or incriminating evidence on a campaign opponent. That is the definition Democrats are promoting to keep alive the story about Trump Jr.

First off, there are three well documented instances of recent collusion by campaign surrogates with foreign governments.

Collusion #1: Ukraine

It’s reported that the government of Ukraine preferred a Clinton win, because Trump was seen as insufficiently hostile to Russia. It’s known that Ukraine openly said that Trump was unfit to be president. Ukraine and the DNC together exposed “ties” between Trump, Manafort and Russia that ultimately led to the resignation of Manafort from the campaign. Ukrainian operatives and activists admit to working with the DNC against Trump. More than one meeting is known to have taken place to advance that work. Documents and research was exchanged. That is the essence of “collusion”.

One summary of the DNC-Ukraine connection can be found here and another here.

None of the details of the meetings between the DNC and Ukraine have been released, even the number or location of the meetings.

Other allegations from this collusion found their way into the media, usually as anonymous sources and without evidence, and eventually they vanished from the news as unsupportable.

The key facts are that the Democrat surrogates wanted to acquire dirt on Trump, met with agents of a foreign government, accepted assistance and documents from the foreign government of Ukraine, caused those allegations to be delivered to media outlets, and have released no details of the meetings between the DNC and the foreign government of Ukraine.

Collusion #2: Russia

It’s so well documented that Democrats don’t even deny that they hired an opposition research firm, Fusion GPS, to dig up dirt on Trump, and Fusion brought in a British opposition firm in London, in the person of ex-intelligence officer Christopher Steele. The purpose was to connect Trump to Russia. In that effort, Steele collected allegations, better known as gossip, from a variety of Russians of his acquaintance who were connected to the Russian government. The allegations were collected in a dossier. It is reported that the Democrats paid over one hundred thousand dollars for that effort.

None of the details of the meetings the Democrats had with the various actors and agents have been released by the Democrats.

To date, NONE of the allegations made in that dossier have been found to be true. They include such ridiculous claims as that Trump cavorted with prostitutes in Russia, and that he once hired them to urinate on the bed. In another allegation, a Trump surrogate supposedly met secretly in Russia, on a date when he was later proven to be in another country at the time.

It is a fact that the Democrats shopped that dossier around to media and others, that elements from the dossier have appeared in the media, and the dossier found its way to the FBI, who have yet to state that any of the allegations are true. The allegations in the dossier have since vanished from the media because they are laughable on their face.

The key facts are that the Democrat surrogates wanted to acquire dirt on Trump, met with agents of a foreign government, accepted foreign assistance and paid for documents sourced by the foreign government of Russia, caused those allegations to be delivered to media outlets, and no transparency about the various meetings has been released.

Collusion #3: Russia

This is the issue of collusion by Trump Jr. with Russia. For simplicity, let’s take what has been reported as being factual, and see where common sense gets us. So Russia wished to aid Trump and harm Clinton by sending their agent, the lawyer Veselnitskaya, into a meeting armed only with unsubstantiated allegations of violation of campaign finance laws. Trump Jr. had been promised proven dirt on Clinton, but when it quickly became clear the allegations were unproven, Trump Jr. ended the meeting.

The details of those allegations are unknown because Trump Jr. did not accept the phony documents from the Russians and therefore they did not appear in the media and were not made public.

Trump Jr. has released the full email trail regarding the meeting. The time and place and other details are now a matter of record.

The key facts, again accepting current reporting at face value, are that Trump Jr. wished to acquire documented evidence on the Clinton campaign, did NOT accept those documents when it became clear that they were unproven, left the meeting without accepting assistance from the foreign government, did not cause the allegations to be given to the media, and did cause the details of the meeting to be known.

Key Differences in Culpability for Collusion

  • In all three cases, the campaign surrogates wanted to acquire embarrassing or incriminating evidence on the opposition campaigns.
  • In the first two cases, the Democrats accepted the further assistance of the foreign governments. Trump Jr. did not accept any assistance from the Russians.
  • In the first two cases, the Democrats accepted documents containing unproven allegations against the Trump people. Trump Jr. rejected the documents containing unproven allegations against the Clinton people because they were unproven.
  • In the first two cases, the Democrats shopped the unproven allegations to the media, and the media published the accusations against the Trump campaign despite the lack of evidence; and mostly without attribution to the sources. Trump Jr. did not shop the unproven allegations against the Clinton campaign. To this day, we do not know what were the allegations the Russians made against the Clinton campaign.
  • In the first two cases, no details about the meetings between the Democrats and the foreign agents has been released. Trump Jr. has released all his emails regarding the meeting, and has offered to testify under oath to Congress.


If Trump Jr. is guilty of collusion for his actions, the Clinton campaign are guilty of far worse. And since we all know that the Democrats are acting purely out of principle and in defense of the sanctity of our elections, we can be certain that if Hillary had won the election, the Democrats would now be calling for her impeachment because of her campaign’s collusion with Ukraine and Russia to undermine our election.


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