If the right wing scared ya, how about the Alt-right?

Democrats always have to have a bogeyman du jour with which to scare the children and provide their various victim groups with tangible “oppressors” to hate. The new one is “alt-right”. But it isn’t quite working as intended.

This is Wikipedia’s description: “The alt-right has no formal ideology, with the Associated Press stating that there is ‘no one way to define its ideology.’ There is no formal organization and it is not clear if the alt-right can be considered as a movement; according to a 2016 description in the Columbia Journalism Review: ‘Because of the nebulous nature of anonymous online communities, nobody’s entirely sure who the alt-righters are and what motivates them. It’s also unclear which among them are true believers and which are smart-ass troublemakers trying to ruffle feathers’.”

In other words, the Democrats are trying to create a movement out of thin air by all using the same word (alt-right) to apply to a variety of minor actors, including “ white nationalism, white supremacism, antisemitism, right-wing populism, nativism, and the neoreactionary movement.” These various “isms” certainly exist in small segments in society, but the attempt to incorporate them all into a grand movement that doesn’t exist falls flat.

And having embarked on creating a grand alt-right movement that doesn’t exist, Democrats now employ it to slur and slander people they want us to disapprove of, by the simple short-hand expedient of calling them alt-right, viz. Bannon.

This is no different than Pelosi’s attempt at the same thing with her “astroturf” label. That one was dropped when it didn’t work as intended. Alt-right is just the latest attempt. If it too fails, there are certainly other labels waiting in the wings.

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