Lots of people of all races and genders are killed by the police…it’s not necessarily about race…
Amber Lisa

Did you just write that it’s an abuse of power when officers did not shoot Mike Tyson? Surely you meant something different.

Race, class, money and power (and fame, you missed that one — It’s how the Clintons have avoided prosecution for so long) have much to do with our system of justice, I’ll grant you that, but it happens more in the courts than on the streets. A lot of obviously guilty people walk away from their crimes in court due to ample quantities of those assets. But on the street, those assets count for little. The primary factor on the street is the degree of danger the officer experiences during a confrontation. Assault an officer, menace an officer with a weapon, refuse to obey commands, and you run the risk of getting shot. Simple as that.

Tyson did not get shot because he did not present the officers with any danger. O.J. did not get shot because he did not present any danger to the officers. The number of people shot by police while not presenting them with any danger is exceedingly small. And many of those officers are prosecuted.

Let’s put it in factual context. There are 800,000 officers, and less than 1,000 people killed by those officers annually. Of those, less than 100 were unarmed. And some of those unarmed people were assaulting the officers at the time. Certainly this is something to be taken seriously, on a case-by-case basis. But you can’t properly say those 800,000 officers believe the lives of the public don’t matter. Not when so many officers give their lives protecting that same public.