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Do you suppose Reid’s replacement (Schumer perhaps) will announce his goal is to make Trump a two-term president? If not, then how will his goal be any different from McConnell’s? Democrats and you allege that because McConnell did not say he wanted Obama to be a two-term president, therefore he is properly accused of being an obstructionist. Will you apply that same standard to Schumer?

You allege the GOP now has “unfettered power”. That’s just naive. As Reid has proven, the rules of the Senate allow the minority party, whenever the majority does not have 60 votes, to block all senate business. Which Reid has done over and over. And which I expect Schumer to do over and over. Will you call out Schumer as an obstructionist if he does? Have you ever called out Reid for his six years of obstruction? Or Obama for pledging again and again to veto GOP bills?

Or is it only “obstruction” when it’s Progressive policies that are being opposed, but “God’s own work” when GOP policies are being opposed?

I maintain my claim — if Democrats didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

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