Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the…
DeRay Mckesson

Domestic disturbance is the most dangerous situation a police officer faces. McKesson advocates sending in social workers instead; what could possibly go wrong? “Broken windows” policing successfully lowers crime rates; blacks disproportionately benefit. McKesson wants that kind of policing to end; who will disproportionately suffer? “Stop-question-frisk” was successful in lowering New York gun crime; blacks disproportionately benefitted. Now that that policy has ended, who is suffering most from the rise in crime?

BLM has successfully reduced police involvement in suspicious situations, by making officers fear for their jobs and their freedom by choosing to act, unless that action is unequivocally justified. BLM’s and McKesson’s demands will make that dynamic even stronger. “Better safe than sorry” for the citizen has become “better safe than sorry” for the officer. The consequence is dramatic increases in gun crimes and murder rates in inner cities. Who disproportionately suffers?

The unemotional and thorough investigation in Ferguson justified that officer’s conduct and the shooting of a violent thug. The subsequent rioting, killing and looting were unjustified by the event. That community was permanently damaged by the riots and now lives with elevated violent crime. Who suffers most?