What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

“Gender biases” don’t keep women out of any field of work. There are more women in college today than men. Let the women take STEM majors; problem solved. Geez, people, stop blaming men even for women’s personal choices. Let women decide to work all the overtime that men on the fast track do; that problem gets solved. Let women decide to take not sabbaticals; let them decide to take dangerous jobs, filthy outdoor jobs, jobs with a lot of travel away from home. Let them drive long haul trucks six days a week.

There’s no end of the ways to close the gap. Just decide to work the same way men work, at the same jobs. Stop thinking that all full time, 40 hour jobs should be paid the same. Problem solved.

Oh, and just stop blaming men for all your own decisions.

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