All refugees are men? Bollocks!
Danny Reardon

Great pictures. Don’t have anything to do with your title, however.

If pictures are to be proof, you need a whole lot of pictures from a whole lot of different places. So go to Youtube, and view the videos taken by ordinary people of the vast columns of migrants, the miles-long columns, wending their way into Europe. What you’ll see is endless numbers of working age Middle Eastern men. Women, children, old people are vastly outnumbered.

View the videos taken by ordinary people of Scandinavia and France and Great Britain of the people they encounter on the streets and malls of their once-safe and once-clean cities. Lots more young male Middle Eastern toughs than women and children.

The Europeans are finally being honest, and calling them “economic migrants”, not refugees.

You can find greater numbers of families in the UN camps, sure. But that does not support your title. Unless, of course, you meant it to refer mainly to the camps; then you are probably correct.

And since the refugee criteria of most countries favor families over young single men, your title is correct in that case. But it’s wrong for the whole group that is flowing into, and undermining, Europe from the Middle East.

I classify your story as another in the theme popular today: Here are some really nice refugees, so it’s just racist not to allow unlimited millions of migrants to flow into your country.

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