I don’t like Trump’s rhetoric. It is hate filled. That doesn’t mean I hate the man.
Avarielle Armstrong

Hatred against an entire population for the acts of a few? Is that anything like how all whites are racists, especially those who don’t even know they are racists? The proof being the overtly racist acts of a few whites, of course. It’s commonplace today to vilify entire groups for the alleged acts of some in that group. It is done across the ideological spectrum.

Keep in mind that there is no evidence that Trump actually hates any of those groups that he is accused of hating. Those who work with him or deal with him tell us otherwise. And there certainly is a lot of inflating what he says to mean vastly more and worse than his actual words. That too is commonplace today.

No one today can oppose illegal immigration without being accused of hating immigrants, or support traditional marriage without being accused of hating gays. Oppose Obamacare and the accusation is you want to withhold healthcare from the poor. Want reasonable limits on abortion, and you want pregnant teens to die in alleys. Oppose forcing employers to provide free abortifacients, and you want to deny women access to birth control, as well as impose a religious caliphate on America. A wedding photographer declines a gay wedding, and he must want to bring back lynching. Want solid vetting of Middle East refugees, and one must hate Muslims.

I don’t like Trump’s rhetoric either, but I like even less that it’s nearing impossible to have a constructive discussion about anything anymore.

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