Ancient Aliens: Evidence of Stephen Hawking’s Claim that “Philosophy is Dead”
Barry Vacker

Humans are attracted to “creator” or “visitor” ideas because the alternative is too bleak— that humans are no more than briefly animated stuff that was for 14 billion years totally inanimate stuff, and will return to totally inanimate stuff. Carl Sagan’s starstuff, no different from all the other starstuff except for a brief spark of consciousness.

Which means, in a few years all the currently animated stuff will be inanimate once again. And so it makes absolutely no difference what my briefly animate stuff does to your animate stuff, because we all were and will soon be inanimate again. Nothing matters; everything is pointless.

So the only principle of behavior that follows consistently is: Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t get caught. If it pleases you to follow Mother Theresa’s example, that’s fine, but it will not matter when you and those you labor for are once again inanimate matter.

If it pleases you to kidnap, rape and murder children, again it will not matter when you and all your victims are once again inanimate matter.

The author calls for a new philosophy based on a pointless universe. Fine, it can’t hurt. But neither can it benefit, unless the new philosophy can devise some source of binding moral rules from the nothingness out of which science supposes our universe erupted. Good luck with that. No philosopher has succeeded thus far.