A Country in Need of Being Heard and Healed
Jacqueline Novogratz

I agree with what you wrote. Mostly. You write from the heart. Which reminds me of that old joke: If you’re not a Democrat when you’re young, you have no heart; if you’re not a Republican when you’re older, you have no brain.

Like all such jokes, it rests on a truth: Liberals act from the heart, from feelings; and solutions from the heart, from feelings, know no limits and care not for practical consequences. Conservatives act from the intellect, from practical concerns, and want solutions that are effective, affordable, and do not make things worse.

In this difference of viewpoints lies much of the discord we see between the parties.

Democrats are motivated by compassion and moved by feelings to help poor families without health insurance, or desperate Hispanics wanting a decent life for their families, or distraught pregnant teens driven to a black-market abortionist, or a refugee fleeing war, or a gay teen fearing discovery, or a thousand other heart-rending cases.

And so we granted amnesty and citizenship to 3 million illegal aliens. We passed an enormous health care bill on the hope that all young, healthy people would do their civic duty and buy health insurance they didn’t want. We got Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion. We legalized gay marriage. We banned DDT from all uses, even malaria control. We are turning off fossil fuels. And hundreds more “solutions”.

All done with good intentions, but with too little practical sense. So the UN has documented 50 million preventable deaths from resurgent malaria tied to the DDT total ban. The 3 million amnestied illegals were followed by 15 million more illegals, with another 15 million to come after them, an endless reservoir for the future. The nation’s borders are wide open and being crossed in the hundreds of thousands. The ACA is an unsustainable economic mess as young people still don’t buy insurance and policy costs skyrocket. New York has 31 official gender classifications, and our wives and daughters are being asked to share toilets and gym showers with men. Underdeveloped nations will be frozen out of any hope of ending poverty and disease by the deliberate policy of raising the cost and lowering availability of energy, so necessary to their uplifting. The diversion of trillions of dollars into the Climate Change Agenda robs the fight against poverty, disease and polluted drinking water of that money; the present is sacrificed in fear of a distant future unlikely to happen anyway. The battle now is for unrestricted abortion for any reason or no reason up to the moment before birth and paid by the taxpayer. The forces for plural marriage are gathering strength. And on and on we go.

Conservatives and Republicans say “Are you all nuts?” Good solutions solve problems without making things worse. There are practical and moral limits to how far solutions can go before they become unsustainable, impractical, immoral, and start causing other harms. The USA can’t absorb all the world’s pitiful population without become a pitiful population ourselves. The people of this nation have a more or less common devotion to fundamental morals, founding principles, Judeo-Christian values, ideals for this country, and you people are pushing your agendas to the point that our moral society is in jeopardy.

Liberals and Democrats respond “You are all bigots!” The only people who contemplate limits on compassion, generosity, fairness, love are racist homophobic misogynists, xenophobic selfish haters. We act in aid of the less fortunate, and your limits by definition mean some of the less fortunate are denied. Laws based on fairness and compassion cannot by definition tolerate any limitation, their scope must be total. Our nation’s founding values dictate we can’t deny any pitiful person anywhere in the world. Your own family is not any more deserving than any of the families of the world!

And so there we stand on our own side of the barricades. As long as the one side demands limits and practicality, and the other demands no limits and to hell with practical consequences, there is no common ground. It should be obvious that the best solutions combine compassionate goals with practical execution. We can’t solve every problem for every person; there must be limits. But that seems beyond our grasp in today’s dynamic that in order for our side to win, your side must lose.