The Clinton Foundation Stories
Amy Sterling Casil

I applaud any competent investigation of the Clinton Foundation. But I don’t for a minute believe the Clintons will ever be held accountable for their lawbreaking. They are above the law, same as Lois Lerner and Huma Abedin and all the rest.

Take one example of corruption, the series of benefits granted Russian business interests by our government, culminating in Russian ownership of one fifth of all US uranium production, while at the same time a series of transfers of money from Russian interests into the Clinton Foundation was taking place. I have read investigators claim the total amount exceeded $100 million; I don’t know if the amount is true, but it is certainly a staggering amount. My amateur opinion recognizes that as a bribe.

What seals the deal for me is that all the vast money, reported to be around $2 billion collected by the Clinton Foundation and most coming from people and governments with interests in getting close to the seat of US government power, all the donations stopped abruptly and exactly the moment Hillary lost the election. No clearer proof is needed as to why those “donations” were made and what the money was intended to buy.

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