The Newest Americans
Rick Stengel

I consider the oath of citizenship ceremony to be one of the greatest civil ceremonies in America.

Regrettably, every single one of those new citizens was a chump, a dolt, for submitting to the lengthy process of legal immigration. All they had to do was come to America and set up housekeeping. Nothing more required, no waiting periods, no applications, no limits. Instant participation in our economy. If they are the worrying sort, they can choose one of the hundreds of sanctuary cities, where they will be well protected even if they commit crimes. Plus they can vote if they have a mind to. Our registration and voting system is so lax, millions of people residing here without citizenship or documents are on the voting roles, and many of them vote regularly. The Supreme Court ruled that states cannot even ask for a single citizenship document before voting. It’s all on the honor system. Is this a great country, or what? (Can a country continue to be great after it has gone insane? We’ll find out soon enough.)

All people eschewing the legal process were granted citizenship in 1986, and all who have come outside the legal process since then will soon also be granted citizenship as soon as Hillary is elected. By Executive Order, if Congress is unwilling. And with that precedent made, it will be repeated whenever their count reaches another few million; the more often we do it, the easier it will be. To try to reimpose legal restrictions later would be blatant racism, wouldn’t it?

With the protection of that powerful voting block, the Open Borders will never be closed. Soon enough the oath of citizenship ceremony for legal immigrants will be a fond memory, as will Bono’s idea of America. And the Founders’ prediction that America will fall by suicide will be realized. Isn’t the Progressive Way just grand?

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