The AMA Does Not Speak for Us

I Googled “Clinician Action Network” and found — Nothing. Nothing at all. As far as I can find, the three physicians authoring this “article” are it, and it has no history.

Read the article carefully and all you find is several claims about what the authors allege, without documentation, will be the policy agenda that Dr. Price will pursue. How exactly do they know what he will propose? By something he once wrote, of course.

John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, was a lifelong admirer of eugenics. He once wrote in a book that forced abortions and mass sterilization might be needed to save the planet. Was that a reliable predictor of Holdren’s later policies? As far as I know, Holdren never proposed eugenics while he was the Science Czar. Since prior writings are not predictive of later policies, then what do the authors of this article offer to predict Dr. Price’s future policies? Well, nothing.

So let’s just cut the crap. This article is simply a vehicle for those physicians who wanted Hillary and hate Trump to object to one of his appointments. Nothing more.