Nothing is going to work till taxes make sense.
A Ennis

I understand what you intend to say, but with respect, you haven’t said it. It isn’t what the “tax rates” are for different classes of taxpayer that is important; it is what tax money comes out of their pockets. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what my tax rates are; I care about how much of my money is no longer in my pocket.

I agree that a waitress should have to write a small check to pay her taxes and a corporation a big one, but don’t focus on the “tax rates” for either of them. Relative “tax rates” is not a measure of tax fairness.

Our corporate tax rates are the highest in the industrial world. So high that in consequence corporations are leaving our shores and leaving behind unemployment and abandoned factories. Yet our major corporations like GE pay almost no income taxes. The problem is the insanely complex and generous loopholes in the tax code. It is that way because corporations can afford to hire lobbyists to bribe politicians to sneak loopholes into the tax code.

If anyone suggests that the corporate tax rate be fixed at ten percent and all loopholes eliminated, people who don’t know how the system works would scream “unfair”. Yet if we did that, corporations would come flooding back into our country because of the low tax rates, our economy and employment would boom, and corporations would be actually writing bigger checks to pay their taxes than they do now.

But as I say, it won’t happen and we won’t enjoy all those benefits because people who can’t see past the “unfair tax rates” would go ballistic. Ordinary people who would benefit the most would scream “unfair” the loudest. How depressing.

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