The Most and Least Paid Teachers in the World
Tom Ostapchuk

I won’t name names, but I spent 18 years living around Chicago suburbs, and there were kindergarten teachers “earning” six figure salaries; and that was several decades ago when that was really big money. They took advantage of all the further education and all other programs that produced automatic salary bumps. And they weren’t alone.

I also know retired school superintendents that tell tales of their multi-year multi-hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get rid of truly awful teachers; and often failing. In the end, they just did what is always done, transferred them. In a lot of school districts, the practice is to make sure no student gets two truly bad teachers in a row.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t blame teachers one bit for the sorry state of education in this country. I blame tenure, unions and the Department of Education.