People of No Color
Traditional Tradesman

If by “we” you mean all of us, majority and minorities, are to adopt your prescription, then fine. Really fanciful and unrealistic, but fine, IF we all adopted your prescription then over a long time, race relations would improve.

But it’s not going to happen. Sure, whites could go passive and unresponsive in their own defense, but that would not end the discord. Quite the opposite. The silence would be read as acquiescence, as pleading guilty to all the charges, as admission that all whites are either subliminal or overt racists and are solely responsible for the condition of inner cities. Defendant’s silence is taken as a plea of “guilty as charged”.

Do you really think the rancor and demands from the minority side will then decline? Into the silence will rise deafening volumes of the same old same old. Along with demands for reparations, for expansions of affirmative actions, for stricter laws, all in a futile attempt to improve the lot of minorities in inner cities. Futile because the plight of the inner cities has little to do with overt racism in the white population at large. If whites go silent, then all the real factors contributing to the problems of the inner city will be subsumed into “racism”. Lord knows some blacks react viscerally to even a suggestion that there are such factors other than racism.

There will never be real solutions if no one keeps the real causes prominently in the debate and separate from “racism”. Who will do that if whites go silent?

Thanks, but no thanks.

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