Whatever gave you the idea that this writer — or anyone else — was “born with a gender"?

If gender were merely a social construct, then it would be quite possible to change Escobar’s mind about her gender. In point of fact, a person’s felt gender, a person’s attraction to certain kinds of other people, and a person’s genitalia are all powerfully determined by their biology and DNA. It is exceedingly difficult to change that. If gender were just a social construct, then parents could raise a male as a female, and it would all work out. But it almost never works like that. Did Escobar’s upbringing as a gender which is not her felt gender succeed in conditioning her socially as that gender? Nope!

It seems obvious now that in a minority of cases, the physical body does not correspond with the objects of one’s attraction, and in a smaller minority of cases, does not even correspond with one’s felt gender. That’s just the way it is, and society has to accept it and deal with it properly.

No matter how politically incorrect it is to say, men and women are different at fundamental levels far deeper than genitalia. Any parent can tell you that little boys and little girls are not interchangeable.

For proof, just observe how much trauma Escobar and other trans people are willing to endure to NOT suffer attempts to “treat” and “cure” them. Just observe how low the successes of such “treatments” are. That is because biology is the source of all of that. And observe how incensed gays and their advocates are at the suggestion that it is all in their minds, and they can be “cured”. Because it isn’t and they can’t.

You can’t have it both ways. It is either fundamental to the person, as I believe, or it is social conditioning and therefore treatable and changeable, as I’m sure you would deny.

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