Talking Dirt with Dirty Harry
Dave Pell

“…if you stand up to overt racism, prejudice, misogyny, or xenophobic nationalism…you’re an American.” Even better than that — you can silence any American who disagrees with you by accusing them of overt racism, prejudice, misogyny, or xenophobic nationalism. As you just did there; thought no one would notice, did you? No need any longer to debate their views or even acknowledge that they might have a point. Heads you win; tails they lose.

It wasn’t the judge’s national heritage that was at issue, it was his membership in a racist organization, La Raza. Could it be that a member of La Raza might take offense at Trump’s statements about Mexican illegal aliens? Aren’t judges supposed to recuse themselves if they object in that way to a defendant?

“No one on the other side has said anything remotely that offensive…”. Oh my good Lord. Clearly you aren’t acquainted with the slurs and accusations by Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Hillary etc. etc. etc. True, they aren’t stated so crudely; but they are equally offensive.

“Let’s focus on what his followers say.” By that standard, shall we judge Hillary by what the BLM and Louis Farrakhan say about whites? I didn’t think so.

“…how hard it is to get something done in DC.” Isn’t it even harder when the President doesn’t even make a phone call to republican leaders for many months on end? His turn to Executive Actions is not at the end of long futile efforts to reach a deal, it’s his go-to tactic for not having to deal with Congress in the first place.

“…Obama’s footsteps…don’t lead towards questions like, “If we have nukes, why can’t we use them?” Granted. The question they do lead to is this, “Is American decline permanent?”

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