False equivalence in covering the 2016 campaign
The Brookings Institution

Imagine, for a moment, that Trump has not gotten into this race, and an actual reasonable Republican were the presumptive candidate. Let’s say Kasich, my preferred choice.

We wouldn’t even be having this kind of article. On every dimension except gender, Kasich would trump Hillary. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Experience, trustworthiness, honesty, accomplishment, compassion. Only on gender would he come in second; and these days, he could always say that some days, he identifies as a woman — problem solved.

The point of this little thought experiment is to point out that yes, Hillary may be the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t make her good. The country still loses, but in a different way and more slowly. The country continues its managed decline; the middle and working classes continue getting screwed; the borders are thrown even more widely open.

A lot of people are so fed up with the elite ruling over us for their own benefit, the Clintons included, that they want to start breaking things and getting it over with. We can’t go in a new direction until the old one destructs. Like the Nike ad says, “Just do it”. And that’s why nothing diminishes Trump’s poll numbers. His supporters want the old way broken; calling Trump dangerous just makes him more attractive as a destructor.

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