Interesting ideas you all raise?

In the abstract, those questions can’t be answered. It depends on the actual actions and the consequences. If the megaphone is used to encourage people to overturn and burn police cars? Private cars? To loot and burn stores? To drag out and beat white motorists? To launch objects at police? I’m pretty sure no BLM megaphone users were interrupted in any of their statements.

In other places, police forces were effectively used to keep the demonstrators and counter-demonstrators separate. But in C’ville and some other places, notably on campuses, that was not done. One has to wonder why?

More to the point of C’ville, can a megaphone be used to label those opposed to a policy, let’s say the prevalent practice of cleansing the public square of any remnant of the Confederacy, to be Racists and Bigots? And having pinned those labels on those people, declare that committing violence on them is justified because they are Racists and Bigots?

From where does the Left procure the authority to make such declarations about other Americans, and further, to deliver punishments to them justified by those declarations? Because the C’ville counter-demonstrators came armed and prepared to do just that.

I can’t be alone is seeing the danger of permitting this practice to go unopposed.

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