Missing from the Democrats’ Debate Stage

Interesting views, and telling. Lessig’s thesis, unstated but clear behind his words, is that the Democrat views on all issues are the correct views; their plans of action are the best plans; their goals and objectives are the best. And all the structures of our polity that interfere with the realization of these desires are by definition flaws.

it follows, of course, that there can be no merit in Republican or Conservative views or opinions. Their ways of dealing with problems or issues are by definition wrong; their pursuit of their own goals and objectives is simply obstructionist to what is best for America.

The solution, obviously, is to deliver unbeatable political power to the Democrats, in the guise of “equal” empowerment of those special interests most likely to vote Democrat. Only in that way can Democrats indulge their hubris to deliver the massive “comprehensive” laws that drastically change entire segments of our economy and culture more to Liberal liking.

Lost in this is the reality that massive legislation reflecting solely the views of one ideology or party is brittle, likely to miss its intent and to produce unintended consequences worse than the problems. Targeted legislation tempered in the fires of contentious debate and compromise, where neither side has the power to ignore the other, produces the best legislation. Not what Professor Lessig is after.