Darkness Visible
Ben Smith

Is anyone at all surprised there is nary a word of criticism of the rhetoric or the actions from the left on race? Of course, the Left pre-inoculated themselves from the charge of racism by announcing long ago that blacks can’t be racists, by definition. Nothing they ever say or do or think can be racist. By extension, that immunity covers all on the left who take up their cause.

And of course, they have anticipated that there will be whites who don’t consider themselves racist, who haven’t committed racist acts. The antidote to that thought is already applied: any whites who think they aren’t racist thereby prove that they really are subconsciously racist, because they can’t recognize it in themselves.

Well, they really have us all pegged, don’t they? No escape for the wicked, I guess.

But the Left is compassionate; they have left open one avenue of atonement: submit and surrender to whatever is demanded of us.

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