What you should know about that really nasty anti-trans bill in Congress.
Parker Molloy

Is there an epidemic of people being fired, denied housing or a restaurant seat because they don’t look like a woman? That means they must look like a man. Who gets fired, denied housing or a restaurant seat because they look like a man, but think they are a woman? How would anyone even know? Dress and behave like whatever gender you wish; no one will know.

This is balderdash. What Molloy and Progressives want is that trans people be given an excuse to sue the employer if they are fired, or sue the landlord if they are turned down for an apartment rental, or sue the restaurant owner if…if what, they are turned away at the door? That last one is simply absurd, Molloy. It never happens.

Progressives twist everything into insanity. If government doesn’t pass a law that all women have to tolerate men in their toilets, changing rooms or gym showers, then government is oppressing trans people.

Progressives deliberately make problems out of nothing. If people dress like the gender they want, no one will know the difference. If people use the shower or any other public place where they will be naked, then use the room that fits their body’s structure. If that’s a problem for them, don’t be naked in public.

Progressives want to cancel the privacy rights of the entire society for the sake of the comfort of a tiny minority who have a problem with being publicly naked.