Blood or Treasure
David Dixon

Isn’t that a nice picture of all those happy, peaceful Muslims showing their smiling gratitude? Go to youtube and search “Sweden immigration 2015” and you can spend hours watching video of the real truth.

Sweden is probably already lost. Their nine million Swedes now have one million immigrants, most living on welfare. There are over a hundred Muslim ghettoes in their cities, which are being ethnically cleansed of non-Mulsims by threats and violence. Fifty neighborhoods are so dangerous for non-Muslims that even police dare not enter in broad daylight. Muslims bring with them their home values, including oppression of women. They have pushed Sweden into second place in the world in vioent rape; young Muslim men were 2% of the total population last year, surely higher now, yet commited 75% of the rape. Only Arabic is heard in their ghettoes, their law there is Sharia, and they uniformly hate Sweden and Swedish values. Swedes are growing indignant at supporting people who hate and victimize them, but to say so openly can land one in jail for hate speech, and has done.

Denmark and the Netherlands are on that path, and Merkel is putting Germany at risk. The cause is compassion without any common sense. Sweden has 100,000 Middle Eastern Christian immigrants; they haven’t caused a speck of trouble, have learned Swedish, and are integrated into the population. The problem is the young male Muslims, but saying that is racist hate speech, of course. Another problem is that any country simply can’t employ immigrants when native citizens are unemployed. A welfare state and open borders simply can’t exist at the same time without catastrophe.

Anyone in the US paying attention?