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It is naive to believe that new rules of rhetoric and debate will be followed. Reid refused to bring ANY legislation from the Republican majority House to the floor of the Senate even for debate. The most oft repeated phrases of the last two decades is that Republicans are racists, homophobes, misogynists, elitist haters. Pelosi and Hillary and the rest of them liken Republicans to terrorists.

Unless there is restored a common value that the best outcomes will come from a melding of Liberal and Conservative viewpoints, that both have merit, no progress will be made; no new rules will be agreed. Republicans have taken it hard from Democrats for eight years, and if they gain the upper hand in November, the prevailing thought will be to give as good as was had.

I know of no modern case where so much from a single ideology was forced upon our nation as the first seven years of Obama’s presidency, and was accompanied by such intransigent obstruction by the President’s party; Congress can’t even debate a budget. All that has poisoned the well.

Do you really believe that if Hillary wins, there will be any quarter given to Republicans anywhere in the Capital? During Obama’s first two years, Republicans weren’t even allowed in the room while bills were being crafted by the Democrats.

Prescriptions like yours are only trotted out when it looks like the pendulum might swing the Republican way. If it doesn’t, you will quietly pack up that tent for another four years, while the Progressive agenda continues to gain by every means, fair or foul.

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