Peter Thiel, Y Combinator and How to Live With Trump Supporters

It’s instructive to read this article carefully. All the examples of dysfunction are found only among those NOT in the Liberal orbit. Odd, isn’t it, how all the destructive effects of bubbles are found on the Right? Bubbles seem not to be destructive to the Left. All the root causes of dysfunction do their dirty work when they oppose Liberal sacrosanct dogmas, like “Climate Change” and “Culture Reform”. People who won’t change their minds in the face of logic and evidence are all on the Right; because, of course, they have developed their own set of false facts, unlike Lefty groups like BLM and Environmental Extremists, whose facts are all true.

The Dark Money that Citizens United allows corporations to employ politically is bad, but not the Dark Money that unions or trial lawyers or environmental extremists, or billionaires like Soros, or corrupt foreign government secretly pass under the table to the Clintons. No No No, that money is good because it advances Progressive agendas. We have to keep that money flowing, but stop the evil corporations from using their money. Except the wealth corporations pay the Clintons for “speeches”, of course, for favors down the line to be named later. That money is good. I know it’s confusing, but that’s because you’re insane.

The foundation of this article is that the political agendas, the private/social/family values, the cultural reforms that the Left espouses are good, while those of the Right are bad, and the task before us is how to remove or bypass opposition to what is so manifestly good and proper (read: Progressive). Somehow we have to awaken the anti-abortion groups, gun-rights groups, climate change deniers, and Trump supporters from their insanity.

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