I’ve lived illegally in the US for 25 years.
Jesus Lizama

Jesus, you are the perfect one to answer a question I have asked many times, but has never been answered: After the 15 million illegal migrants are made citizens (as I surmise you wish for them), what is to be done with the next 15 million, and the 15 million after them?

It’s really a simple question, and one we will have to deal with someday. Because isn’t it just common sense — if we don’t end illegal migration, then illegal migration will not end. And if it doesn’t end, then every so often, we will have another 15 million to deal with.

So assuming Hispanics do not want illegal migration to be stopped, and they do want illegal migrants to become US citizens through some process, my question hangs there in the air, waiting for an answer.

What’s your answer?