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Greg Gordon

Let’s say your poverty was eliminated by a government check every two weeks, enough to pay your rent, your utilities, your food, enough for transportation, recreation, entertainment, clothes, health care. And if you find a girlfriend or get married, together your two checks equal a working class income.

Now tell the truth, would you still get up at six every day and go to work? You wouldn’t; admit it.

Now let’s say you are one of the millions of students who hate school, one of those who do or long to drop out. And you know you and your girlfriend can shack up and live as well as the fools who labor to get an education, who endure the difficulties of a lifetime of working jobs, who scrape together everything they have or can borrow to start a business. Would you turn your back on a life of leisure for the next sixty years?

If we offer our teens a choice of a life of leisure with all life’s basics paid for, or a life of hard work, which do you think they will choose? Be honest.

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