A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment

Lord help me, I can’t believe how blockheaded you are. The contempt half of America feels for how the elites are degrading our society and undermining good government was on full display in the last election, where half the voters overcame the obvious boorishness of the man to vote for him anyway.

The instant he was elected, you on the Left went completely unhinged. You pursue impeachment before he was even inaugurated. You have gone violent in the streets and campuses. Your entertainment shows are vulgar in their denigration of our President. Media newsrooms erupt in cheers for every new opportunity to criticize our President. Your moles in the intelligence agencies are willing to commit felonies to release classified documents to the media. Articles here on Medium are filled with the crassest fictions about our President. Democrats in Washington no longer even pretend civility in their slanders.

You have completely abandoned what little remained of principle on the Left, denouncing the President for doing what you ignored, even cheered, from those of your own party. You invent the most arcane interpretations of law to denounce the President and call for his removal while ignoring even the indisputable lawlessness of your own during the last eight years.

You are beneath contempt. My disrespect for all of you is beyond reversing. You are digging a chasm between the poles of our society, and burning the bridges. And the most despicable thing is you know it and do it on purpose. You have convinced yourselves that everyone not a Progressive is a racist bigoted misanthrope who you might have to share space with but will never admit to proper society. Well, right back atcha!

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